Wingman match day 23 Premier League predictions: Premier League recap


After a brief holiday hiatus, the Wingman is back with his December Premier League recap along with a prediction for this week’s top flight matches.

December in retrsopect

He hits on many of the main talking points from December while also focussing on the best pick of the week for match day 23. Mark Hughes joined the litany of other managers – Paul Clement, Ronald Koeman, Slaven Bilic, Frank De Boer – who have been given the cold shoulder by their clubs this season.

In other news, Manchester City actually dropped points, to Crystal Palace of all teams. While there is little doubt as to where the Premier League title will end up at season’s end, it’s nice to see the indomitable Manchester side aren’t completely unflappable.

Oh, and Jose Mourinho, like a severely wounded cat, is still whining, this time saying Manchester United need to spend more money to win their first Premier League title since 2013.  Mourinho has splurged £300 million since arriving at Old Trafford, underpinning how unwarranted his outrageous claim is.

He’ll get absolutely no sympathy from me.

We’ve become more accustomed to watching Harry Kane’s celebration than watching Donald Trump make up words, and that’s saying something. Kane is the hottest property in world football, touted to be worth about £300 million on the transfer market.

Only a few teams –  Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG – have the financial clout to afford that kind of astronomical sum.

Premier League prediction of the week

Swansea travel to Newcastle with the Welsh outfit hoping to get back to winning ways. The odds are stacked against them, though, with Newcastle pegged as sizeable favourites in the build up to the match. Take a look at what the Wingman thinks and place your bets accordingly.


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Wingman’s NHL Back to the Futures & Stanley Cup Odds


The Wingman, in Canada Sports Betting’s first Back to the Futures segment, focusses on the biggest movers and shakers over the past five weeks in the NHL.

The Wingman highlights the teams who, in the sportsbooks’ eyes, have a chance at making the playoffs while making the most impressive strides since the latter stages of November.

Those five teams, in randomized order, are: The Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Las Vegas Golden Knights, New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers.

You’ll have to watch Canada Sports Betting’s first ever Back to the Futures segment to find out which of those teams have made the most meteoric rise in a five-week span.

Back to the Futures will focus on the shifting NHL futures lines, with a focus on Canadian teams. The Wingman will offer his expertise on where your Stanley Cup money should go in the lead up to the most exciting time of the year, the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Super Bowl underdogs & favourites: History of Super Bowl Betting


Since 2002, the Super Bowl has been dominated by underdogs. Underdogs have won 8 of 15 big games, covering in 11 of 15.

The exact opposite was true before 2002, with favourites ruling the Super Bowl roost. Canada Sports Betting takes a look at the stark contrast between both eras of dominance.

Will favourites start redeeming themselves in forthcoming Super Bowls or have underdogs figured out how to consistently beat their supposed superiors?

Our latest Learn to Earn segment also dives into why underdogs are doing so well in the last 15 years.

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Why Canada Sports Betting? Because every player needs a wingman.

Match Day 16 Premier League Predictions: Wingman’s Perplexing Play of the Week


The Wingman is on a roll, as he lets loose on West Ham, lambasting the Premier League side for their latest managerial appointment.

David Moyes, the Wingman asserts, is going to drive the Hammers straight off the Premier League cliff. Or very close to it!

Moyes is still looking for his first Premier League victory as West Ham manager. This will most likely be the dour Scotsman’s last chance at a Premier League management job, and rightly so.

The Wingman believes Tottenham will get back to winning ways against Stoke this weekend. They haven’t won a league match in four and should rebound at Wembley.

In the surprise pick of the week, the Wingman goes with a draw in the Merseyside Derby. Everton are massive underdogs, but have played inspired football since Sam Allardyce arrived on the scene. He is known for inspiring struggling teams, while keeping an organized and disciplined defence. Everton will travel to Anfield and pull off a shocking result, walking away from Anfield with a share of the spoils.

If you like our jibe, please subscribe. Give us a like and comment too. Will Moyes run West Ham off the Premier League cliff are do they have too much talent to go down?

Why Canada Sports Betting? Because every player needs a wingman.

(Script and character idea creation by Newagejourno. Video production and editing by LTD EDN Productions.)

Match Day 14 Premier League Predictions: Wingman’s Perplexing Play


The Wingman this week focusses on Everton Football Club for the Perplexing Play of the Week, or the perplexing season thus far in Everton’s case.

Ronald Koeman was fired after nine matches, such is the state of disarray at the club.

The blue half of Merseyside spend over £140 million on signings during the offseason, many of whom have failed to impress so far at Goodison. The Wingman takes a look at what you could buy that kind of outrageous money, and you’ll want to see some of the items on his shopping list.

For the Premier League Pick of the Week, the Wingman dives into the weekend’s marquee matchup, between Manchester United and Arsenal. There is no love lost between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, which the Wingman poignantly points out.

Watch this segment to find out who the Wingman is backing in the massive contest at the Emirates.

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Why Canada Sports Betting? Because every player needs a wingman.

Who do you think Everton should hire to save their club from permanently spinning out of control?

(Script and character idea creation by Newagejourno. Video production and editing by LTD EDN Productions.)

Match Day 13 Premier League Predictions: Perplexing Play of the Week


The Wingman takes centre stage in this week’s Premier League pick and perplexing play segment, replacing the Canada Sports Betting’s previous host.

This week’s Perplexing Play(s) of the Week was a no-brainer. Selhurst Park was chockfull of controversial and mind-boggling moments. From Oumar Niasse’s blatant dive – which earned Everton a decidedly unjust penalty kick – to Crystal Palace scoring in the first minute of play. Oh, and let’s not forget Julian Speroni’s moment of madness in Crystal Palace’s net. He gifted Everton the equalizer on the cusp of halftime. It was as intriguing and exciting as it was riddled with comedic errors.

We go to Anfield, where Liverpool host Chelsea, for our Pick of the Week. Liverpool haven’t lost at home so far this season and Chelsea haven’t conceded a goal in three Premier League matches. Contrastingly, Liverpool are scoring more than Leonardo DiCaprio at the moment. We like the draw on the moneyline. Take a look at this week’s segment for all the details.

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Why Canada Sports Betting? Because every player needs a wingman.

Video script and Wingman creation by Gary Pearson. Video production and animation by LTD EDN Productions.