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Don’t conform, make travelling your norm

Slaloming and snaking through one of London’s innumerable underground tunnels, I come to a somewhat sobering conclusion as I try to avoid the throngs. On this particular day, I’m one of the worst of all the scurrying rats. While cursing … Continue reading

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So you think English is easy?

If you think English is an easy language too learn you wood knot bee rite. Inn fact, their is some thing incredibly tuff about trying too rite inn Ann interesting way. Don’t get me wrong, eye find writing rewarding and … Continue reading

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Five types of people watchers

Maidenhead, of all places, bustles with activity on this mild and temperate, albeit overcast (no surprise there), English spring Saturday. Sipping on a flat white I find myself scanning passers-by, fascinated by people’s mannerisms, movements and the way in which … Continue reading

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