If the top five pound-for-pound UFC fighters were NHLers, who would they be?

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Comparisons between professional hockey players and mixed martial artists aren’t often made, but there are more similarities among the top five UFC fighters and current NHLers than you might realize.  

Can you envision Conor McGregor or Daniel Cormier strapping on a pair of skates and hitting the open ice? Nor can I.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t share some skills and character traits of prominent NHLers.

Altogether dubious of their skating abilities, I’m going to focus on attributes that are necessary, transferrable and advantageous assets across both sports from the top five pound-for-pound fighters. The fighter rankings are provided by UFC.ca

5. Daniel Cormier would be Jarome Iginla

Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and free agent Jarome Iginla share numerous commonalities: both, at one time or another, were at the peak of their sports.

Unlike Iginla, Cormier is still at the top of his sport, looking ahead to defending his title against Volkan Oezdemir at UFC 220 on Jan. 20. However, that could change in the blink of an eye if the Swiss challenger upends Cormier in Boston on Saturday. The pair of powerhouses are of almost identical builds, with Iginla two inches taller and five pounds heavier than Cormier.

They are highly respected in their respective sports, both of whom usually avoid running their mouths, preferring their skills do the talking. The wily veterans are only two years apart, with Iginla, 40, two years Cormier’s elder.

And both have represented their nation at the Olympics. More forebodingly, If Cormier loses his belt on Saturday, his career, like Iginla’s, will take a downward turn.

4. Max Holloway would be Patrick Kane

American idols – please, excuse the pun – Patrick Kane and Max Holloway are dominant forces in their corresponding sports. Both are relentless in attack and lethal finishers.

Kane has won three Stanley Cups and Holloway is the undisputed featherweight champion. They share the same height and are ranked first in their specific fields: Kane sits atop EA’s NHL 2018 right winger rankings, while Holloway, until March at the very soonest, rests on his pedestal as the featherweight’s apex predator.

3. Georges St-Pierre would be Sidney Crosby

Two of the most decorated Canadian athletes, Sidney Crosby and Georges St-Pierre are idolized and lionized in the Great White North. Crosby has won three Stanley Cups with the Penguins and two Olympic golds, while St-Pierre is one of the only UFC fighters to win belts in different weight classes. St-Pierre is unbeaten in 13 bouts and Crosby has won back-to-back Stanley Cups.

Physically, there’s not too much to choose between the two legends. Crosby weighs 15 pounds more than St-Pierre while both are 5 ft 11 in.

While St-Pierre’s nickname is Captain Canada, Crosby is Canada’s captain. The uncanny list of similarities doesn’t end there, as both superstars have been plagued by a litany of injuries throughout their illustrious careers.

Finally, they way they present themselves maybe their most impressive shared trait. True ambassadors of their respective sports, the venerable duo are well spoken, humble and forever respectful, the polar opposite of the following featured pair.

2. Conor McGregor would be Brad Marchand

The bad boys of both sports certainly know how to backup their bellicose trash talking. Conor McGregor and Brad Marchand have reached the pinnacle of their sports, and both are controversial figures who draw a large, cult following.

Marchand has won the Stanley Cup and Olympics; McGregor is the only UFC fighter to hold two titles, featherweight and lightweight, simultaneously. The polarizing stars stand at 5 ft 9 in, and both are 29 years old. And it goes without saying that The Notorious and The Nose Face Killah love an old fashioned, no-holds-barred street brawl.

1. Demetrious Johnson would be Johnny Gaudreau

Despite defending his flyweight title a record 11 times, the top ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC is under hyped, still fighting under the radar. He is indisputably the most talented fighter in the UFC, continuously showcasing his exceptional agility, quickness, creativity and technique.

All of the aforementioned attributes apply to Johnny Gaudreau, who plies his trade for the Calgary Flames. The diminutive left winger certainly hasn’t enjoyed the unparalleled success of his UFC counterpart, but Johnny Hockey is blessed with a comparably impressive skill set.

The 24-year-old is also undervalued, but that’s slowly changing as Gaudreau’s unique, highlight-reel playing style can only be passed over for so long. Sound like a certain UFC flyweight champion?

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Nightlife)

Lambasting Arsenal is good for Spurs’ supporters souls

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The only thing comparable to watching Tottenham dismantle Everton on Saturday occurred the very next day, when Arsenal walked away from Bournemouth dejected and despondent. 

Maybe you most enjoyed watching Granit Xhaka, Arsenal’s supposed defensive central midfielder, mosey back on Bournemouth’s winner, altogether losing his mark and disregarding his responsibilities.

Or did you find the most gratifying aspect of the match watching Arsene Wenger stew on the sideline?

Or, perhaps seeing Alexis Sanchez withdrawn from the Gunners’ lineup sent you into a state of euphoria. How about Alexandre Lacazette not scoring for over 10 hours?

Regardless of which Arsenal calamity brings you the most joy, it was an all-round joyous weekend of Premier League football as far as Tottenham are concerned.

Sure, Spurs supporters would have loved to see Manchester United trip up against Stoke or Liverpool throw away a three-goal lead, but Arsenal’s catastrophic display on the south coast provided enough cause for celebration.

Wenger’s is in disarray yet again, and the Wingman doesn’t mince his words about the club’s current state of disrepair. If it feels like you’ve heard that before, you assuredly have, but never to this abject level. Arsenal are ensnared in a state of free fall, evinced by their locker room unrest and dismal away results. The Gunners have taken 13 points from 12 away matches, their lowest return in over a decade, since 2005-2006.

Their lack of guile and toughness in midfield is laughable, factors that guarantee perpetual road misery.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Sánchez is booking his one-way ticket out of the Emirates. No player is bigger than a club, but Sánchez is unarguably Arsenal’s best player. The Gunners have lost three in a row without the diminutive, petulant Chilean.

And what’s more reinforcing for Tottenham is knowing things are going to get a lot worse at Arsenal. Some say Wenger has lost the locker room. I believe it by the discernible and disrespectful lack of commitment Wenger’s side play with.

Not usually one to harbour malevolent feelings or wish ill-will toward an opponent, I’m amenable to making an exception in Arsenal’s case.

That’s what 22 consecutive years of inferiority will do to a man.

However, those years are well and truly behind us, as either side of North London couldn’t be on more opposite trajectories.

(This piece originally featured on Tottenham HQ. Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

If Donald Trump is a “stable genius”, then I still have a shot at the NHL

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Donald Trump, by claiming he’s a “stable genius” in one of his latest Twitter tirades, provided hope for everyone who thought their unfulfilled dreams were dead and buried. 

I’m not going to dive into the far-reaching political implications or the absurdity of his irresponsible, petulant Tourette-style tweets.

Instead, I’m going to focus on a silver lining, the fact that Trump’s comical defence of his questionable mental state has instilled me with the belief that it’s not too late to fulfil my childhood dream of making the NHL.

Sure, I’m two months shy of my 35th birthday, a touch too old by most sane people’s reckoning. Rustiness might also be a slightly hamstringing factor, as I haven’t laced up my skates for almost a decade.

But, like Trump, my mental stability is beyond reproach, so the physical impediments are mere blips to overcome on my journey to NHL glory.

It’s going to be a long, arduous journey but I’m up for the challenge. I must be strategic, though. Figuring that knocking on Brad Treliving’s door, or showing up to the Saddledome with a pair of skates in hand wouldn’t render desirable results, I’ve ruminated ad nauseam about how best to make an unforgettable impression.

To begin what will assuredly be a lengthy, gruelling training regime, I’ve decided to start on the mental side of things. To become an NHLer, I must think like one, and to do that there is only one place to start: EA Sports’ NHL 2018.

NHL 2018 Training Camp

To loosen up and learn the basics, after a decade hiatus from playing EA’s hockey series, I suited up and hit the ice for training camp. I’d like to say it was akin to riding a bike, but that would be bald-faced lie; there were, admittedly, a few teething problems, namely learning how to tie-up an opponent on the draw. It’s slightly embarrassing, I know.

And don’t get me started on the dekes.

After a few slight hiccups, I proficiently passed all training camp requirements. Confidence brimming, it was time to showcase my newfound talent by pitting my skills against an online opponent.

My first NHL 2018 online test

I realized quickly that, like the real thing, there is absolutely no tolerance for off-puck hits. A constant stream to the penalty box eventually ended up costing me, as my opponent, the name of whom I don’t recall, scored on one of his numerous man advantages.

That halted my original game plan, inspired by the brutes and enforcers in Slap Shot, the 1977 cult hockey classic.

But I was confident that training camp fitted me with the skills needed to compete in the online NHL 2018 world without running roughshod. I was sorely mistaken. Thoroughly outplayed for the lion’s share of the game, I managed to somehow score the equalizer. The goal, as you can imagine, wasn’t pretty, but they all count.

Mike Smith, the Flames’ starting goaltender, kept me in the game, not too dissimilar to the situation on the road in Calgary’s current NHL campaign.

Going to overtime

Tied at one, I managed to take Anaheim to overtime. Like an out-of-shape athlete coming out of retirement, I started to prematurely fatigue. My sore fingers were the most immediate concern. Like an NHLer playing through injury in the Stanley Cup playoffs, I battled on, the prospect of glory increasing my pain threshold.

More surprisingly than some of Trumps’s most ridiculous tweets, I potted the winner in double overtime. I leapt off the couch, celebrating like I’d won the Stanley Cup.

After some time to reflect, I’m deathly scared of putting my 1-0 record on the line. I know a loss isn’t far away, but quitting isn’t an option.

If I’m going to eventually make the NHL, I must re-enter NHL 2018’s online universe and take on all comers.

My NHL 2018 username is New_Age_Journo, so please have mercy if we happen to meet head-to-head online.

Just keep in mind that I’m NHL-bound and on a transcendent journey, largely in part because of a single, utterly laughable Trump tweet.

(Feature photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Top ways to promote your online content and most common SEO mistakes


SEO and content marketing go together like fish and chips. They thrive as part of a dynamic team, working in symbiotic way.

A proficient content marketing strategy can only be executed properly in conjunction with a sound SEO approach. SEO and content marketing are not independent of each other and must overlap and coalesce in harmony for optimal effectiveness.

Neil Patel’s site provides a wealth of SEO and digital content advice. It’s one of my top resources as Neil offers in-depth insight into many current SEO trends.

Top 12 ways to promote your content online

Always using a layered, multi-pronged attack, I’ve utilized the below promotional methods:

1. One of my favourite promotional techniques is to write an additional piece of closely related content, embedding a link with an optimized keyword cluster directing readers to the original piece, and contributed it to a highly renowned, authoritative site within the greater industry. It’s often referred to as guest posting.

2. When applicable, adding a strong influencer’s quote works well, particularly if that influencer is amenable to sharing your content on their social media channels.

3. Partnering with media outlets who have a robust social media presence in a similar niche, I create skill-testing social media competitions, utilizing their social clout to bolster exposure.

4. Create a supplementary video to augment exposure, utilizing it on all social channels. The video should be related, while differing slightly from the written piece. That way you’ll appeal to a wider demographic.

4. Paid social media advertising on all applicable platforms, focussing on concerted, targeted Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns.

5. Develop a social media content dissemination strategy, driving promotion through as many social channels as possible. Historically, bespoke hashtag campaigns on Twitter have proven fruitful.

6. A long-term strategy includes consistently engaging with related communities and forums like Quora and Reddit.

7. If applicable, I email all sources used in the content, giving them an opportunity to read, share and promote it. This method is particularly cost effective.

8. Find previously published content of a similar nature, contact the writer and ask their thoughts. They might share your content. If nothing else, they will engage with you as it’s a topic of shared expertise.

9. Go through older, popular content you’ve published and, if possible, add a blurb about the new piece of content, inserting the corresponding link accompanied by an optimized set of keywords.

10. Depending on the project, StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Service can expose your content to a vast demographic. I use this method if the content needs an immediate surge of new readers.

11. I’ve also used traditional methods like press releases and building relationships with paid media outlets.

12. Search Engine Marketing, or Paid Search, can also help increase exposure, though it can be time consuming and, depending on your budget, costly.

Most common SEO mistakes

I consistently come across flagship content that is over optimized for focus keywords and anchor text.

I’ve had bundles of experience with content whose keywords are chosen because of their high search volume.

However, the chosen keyword is too competitive, making the chance of ranking nearly impossible. Oftentimes it’s better to choose a less competitive niche keyword, thereby exponentially increasing your chances of ranking. This technique usually facilitates better conversion rates.

Another mistake is to neglect the importance of title tags and meta descriptions. This is your chance to entice readers and draw them in by showcasing your content’s uniqueness.

Some unversed, inexperienced SEO practitioners also make these familiar mistakes: using the same anchor text for every link, attempting to use black hat SEO techniques and focussing on obtaining an abundance of average links rather than a few excellent ones, along with falling short on creating link-worthy content.

For more SEO help, visit Newagejourno’s most visited SEO sites.

Don’t underestimate the important benefits of gaming

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Everyone should devote some time to playing video games, as the list of benefits is as long as Sydney Crosby’s career accomplishments.

It is, of course, imperative to strike a delicate balance between gaming and participating in more traditional hobbies, sports and other recreational activities.

Negative publicity about the potential addictiveness of video games, akin to the tone of most Montreal Canadiens game reports so far this season, has recently taken precedence, the resulting hysteria unfairly stigmatizing some gamers.

But make no mistake, gaming is good for cognitive development; it’s also good for the soul.

The cognitive benefits of playing video games

Engadget, in an enlightening piece published in September, focussed on eight cognitive benefits associated with kids playing video games. Those benefits range from improvement in coordination and multitasking skills to memory enhancement.

While comprehensive, the list certainly isn’t exhaustive.

I remember how effectively playing EA’s NHL and FIFA series garnered – and refined – my competitive nature.

Whether you like to admit it, the world is more competitive than ever before.

Electronic Arts’ (EA) FIFA and NHL labels, along with participating in those sports’ real-life applications, helped ready me to fight tooth and nail for everything I have since strived for.

Playing video games – part of my pre-game ritual

The aforementioned EA labels also add insight and perspective into how best to position yourself in practical sports situations. I can, having avidly played soccer and hockey, back up that assertion. Delving into a few NHL or FIFA games before taking to the pitch or ice prepared me mentally for the challenges that lay ahead.

It allowed me, like a harbinger, to envision situations that could arise against forthcoming opponents. Playing EA’s NHL before strapping on skates was part of my pre-game ritual, the called-upon motor functions sharpening my reaction time and focus.

EA’s Special Effect Program

To further underpin the intrinsic benefit of video games, I turn swiftly to EA’s SpecialEffect program.

A team of therapists and technology specialists dedicate their time to creating bespoke control systems which facilitate disabled gamers with the tools required to proficiently play the games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Video games – a way of life

To many, video games aren’t merely seen as a hobby or activity to pass time. Gaming is way of life, a means to sharpen and accentuate ones skill set. Video games can also increase quality of life and build bridges between cultures.

They don’t discriminate and are all-inclusive, embodying many values upstanding citizens pride themselves on.

It’s those tactic perks that fly under the radar, underrated and unheralded.

So grab a controller and dive into the game you’re most passionate about, if not for the reasons I’ve mentioned, than for pure unadulterated fun.

Just remember the old adage “everything in moderation” when playing your favourite game on your preferred console or device.

(Feature image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Bud Light)

Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen ascends to demigod status

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Christian Eriksen made it a night to forget for the Republic of Ireland, whose dreams of qualifying for the World Cup were dashed by the demigod Dane’s hat-trick heroics.

It was an evening of international football that will be eternalized in Danish folklore after Tottenham’s midfield maestro enjoyed his most prodigious performance, both for club and country.

Constantly creative, threatening and dangerous in the center of Tottenham’s midfield, Eriksen has never been so magisterial, almost demigod-like in dispatching a team and country in such a merciless way.

While scoring a hat-trick at any level is no simple task, more impressive is the stage on which he pulled it off. Ireland took the lead in the sixth minute from a Shane Duffy finish before Andreas Christensen equalized in the 29th. Eriksen then put Denmark on his shoulders, scoring three unanswered goals less than 40 minutes apart.

Ireland’s fortitude and resilience gave them a chance to pull off the unlikely upset. The difference in class, however, shone through, the cream eventually rising to the top. International football matches are parity-laden, won and lost by the slimmest of margins.

Those tiny winning margins usually come down to a moment of pure class. A single magical moment wasn’t enough for Eriksen, who was clearly unaffected by the grandeur of the occasion.

The 25-year-old looked like he was enjoying a recreational kickabout at Spurs training ground on Hotspur Way, such was the impressiveness of a performance most players don’t experience in an entire career. And all of it coming on the road, in a particularly hostile environment.

Eriksen immortalized by hat-trick heroics

I won’t be surprised to see Eriksen’s profile – and market value – skyrocketed after last night’s fairytale display. He has propelled himself into an unfamiliar, and unachievable, world for most, one defined by improbable feats of perfection. Few players can relate to how Eriksen feels today, among them another Spurs legend, Gareth Bale.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo also deserve the plaudits that come with lifting an entire country to new heights, taking their rightful place as national heroes. But unlike Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, Eriksen is humble and virtuous, forever placing his team’s wellbeing ahead of his own.

Football ability aside, it’s the reason he’s so beloved on the white side of North London.

In the aftermath of the defeat, Republic of Ireland bench boss paid homage to Tottenham’s star.

“We were beaten by a side that was better than us and has a world-class player in the team, who was absolutely magnificent. Eriksen is top class and he showed it.”

All of this bodes extremely well for Spurs ahead of their most important fixture of the Premier League season. Eriksen is clearly walking on air, his confidence on par with Achilles after becoming the hero of the Trojan War.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dane forgoes flying back to London on a commercial airliner, instead spreading his wings, once again taking matters into his own hands, or feet, depending on the situation.

The appendage in question matters not for Eriksen, whose larger-than-life figure will be haunting anyone associated with Arsenal Football Club in the coming days.

(This piece originally feature on Tottenham HQ. Feature image by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

What to expect from Tottenham against Dortmund on Tuesday

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Both teams are enduring a difficult stint going into Tuesday’s Champions League contest, the major difference being that Tottenham are already guaranteed a spot in the round of 16. 

Both teams struggling

Spurs and Dortmund have lost three of their last five matches in all competitions, with the German side coming off two successive defeats, to Stuttgart and Bayern. The German giants haven’t won in four matches, their season currently tailspinning out of control.

The team’s last win came about a month ago, when they thrashed minnows Magdeburg 5-0 in the German Cup. Anything but a home win and a favourable result in the Madrid vs. APOEL match will see Dortmund bow out of the Champions League at the earliest stage.

Things haven’t been rolling along for Tottenham either, at least on the domestic front. Spurs have lost their last three domestic encounters, two of which – away to Arsenal and Manchester United – in the Premier League. The other loss came at the hands of West Ham in the Carabao Cup.

While Spurs supporters, regardless of the situation, loath losing to Arsenal and Manchester United, neutrals wouldn’t have bat an eyelid had these results occurred a few seasons ago. But Tottenham are now expected to compete, if not beat, the very best, which is exactly what they’ve done in the Champions League.

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 13: Christian Pulisic of Borussia Dortmund battles for the ball with Mousa Dembele and Serge Aurier of Tottenham Hotspur during the UEFA Champions League group H match between Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium on September 13, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

Champions League – Tottenham’s best chance for silverware

With a win in Dortmund, Tottenham will secure top spot in Group H going into the round of 16 draw, hopefully affording a slightly easier opponent in the knockout stages. Spurs are unbeaten in four European matches, including a 3-1 win at Wembley on opening night against tomorrow’s opponents.

Other than the FA Cup, the Champions League offers Tottenham’s best chance of winning silverware this season. So expect Mauricio Pochettino to go rabidly for Dortmund’s exposed jugular. He will start his best team so Tottenham can lock up first place with a home match to spare.

Spurs’ confidence, with their recent domestic defeats in mind, won’t be damaged. Tottenham are firing on all cylinders in the Champions League and will be up for another gargantuan task on Tuesday.

The Champions League perfectly suits Tottenham’s current makeup, as they’re comfortable soaking up pressure and countering with precision and deadliness. Don’t be surprised if Tottenham make a deep run in this competition as it’s always the trophy top managers covet most.

And make no mistake, Pochettino has groomed them success in this campaign.

The time for Spurs, who probably won’t be able to rein runaway Premier League leaders Manchester City, on the European stage is now.

Expect Tottenham to put Dortmund out of their misery tomorrow by leaving Germany with at least a share of the spoils, ensuring they can secure top spot in the group with a Wembley win against APOEL on December 6.

And from there who knows what treasures await in Tottenham’s dream of conquering Europe.

(This piece was originally featured on Tottenham HQ. Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

Terror quickly takes over in a Korean taxi in Gwangju

Opinion, Travel

Travelling to Shinyang Park Hotel on a morning like any other, I noticed my driver, akin to most Korean taxi drivers, was aggressive and forceful.

More worrying though was her erratic nature, angry disposition and the fact that she was watching a Korean soap opera while slaloming in and out of traffic.

Don’t conform, make travelling your norm


Slaloming and snaking through one of London’s innumerable underground tunnels, I come to a somewhat sobering conclusion as I try to avoid the throngs. On this particular day, I’m one of the worst of all the scurrying rats.

While cursing those who push, shove and fight for an inch of real-estate in the labyrinth of passages people navigate on their daily commutes to work, I realise, at times, it’s hard not to get dragged into the dogged underground tussle.

A few days ago I saw a cumbersome woman racing for a vacant seat on a Piccadilly Line. Despite her tumult and effort she failed to secure a seat and stood disconsolate and visibly dismayed. Anyone who makes the daily commute on the tube can surely relate to her desperate plight.

The winner of the dual wasn’t the least bit concerned about scoring a seat, the Holy Grail of the underground. A sense of satisfaction, like a plume of smoke from a wildfire, emitted from the seat winner.

And while nobody hops out of bed at the crack of dawn and fancies standing all the way to work, so close to a stranger that you can smell his breakfast, the repugnant waft of tuna and eggs filling the air like a toxic gas, is a modicum of civility too much to ask?

Competition starts at the crack of dawn in London and if you’re not willing to battle, scratch and claw for every spare inch of space, you’ll quickly be left in the dust.

Travelling on the London underground can make one feel like sardine, packed in tight.

People compare living and working in London to a “rat race”, summing up perfectly life in the big city. You’ll more likely come across twerking Siamese twins than catching a glimpse of someone smiling on their morning commute. There’s an omnipresent and ubiquitous stoicism on the tube, a sombre aura more suitable for a funeral procession.

Doing my utmost to avoid unleashing devil-like death stare upon fellow commuters, I focus unwaveringly on my iPad. Suffice to say, I’m not immune to the underground blues.

If someone sat smiling opposite me – had I somehow procured a seat – I’d find it somewhat unnerving. We’ve become so used to miserableness pervading that I would perceive a mere smile as eerie, abnormal, even perplexing.

It makes you wonder how many of us our actually happy. I travelled to Asia a few years ago and what struck me most was how incredibly happy, hospitable and accommodating the locals were.

It gives even more credence to the old adage that happiness is not achieved through a wealth of possessions, toys and money but the fulfilment in your heart and soul, the state of mind with which you awake every day.

I dream of escaping the rigid and robotic lifestyle a big city comprises. I yearn to live in a place where the thought of Mondays don’t give me night terrors, filling me with angst, a place where everyone isn’t purely working for the weekend and where smiles replace scowls.

And I’ll sacrifice all the material goods money can buy to feel free, at peace and not only exist, but thrive in a state of tranquillity.

So you think English is easy?


If you think English is an easy language too learn you wood knot bee rite.

Inn fact, their is some thing incredibly tuff about trying too rite inn Ann interesting way. Don’t get me wrong, eye find writing rewarding and exciting, butt at the same thyme it can bee vary frustrating.

Sew if you bee leave this career path is fore you, I wish you the best. Drive fore word with passion, verve and the rite attitude and know one will bee a bull too dee rale you.

Wile dee siding and trying too con template on the next move too make, eye take grate sol ace inn knowing their is a future fore any one who puts there mind too it.

Its knot fore the faint of hart butt those with lodes of resilience and dee termination. Due knot, how ever, let me deter you. As you can sea plane, eye have mast stirred the art and find it vary effort less too jot my words on too the page.

Please due knot hesitate too ask me four add vice ore help. Eye bee leave inn imparting my no how too in sure every one has the chance to suck seed.