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Gary Pearson is a public relations and social media manager, freelance writer, former sports reporter for the Prince Albert Herald, sports aficionado, philomath and thirsty traveller forever in search of new adventures.

Don’t conform, make travelling your norm

Slaloming and snaking through one of London’s innumerable underground tunnels, I come to a somewhat sobering conclusion as I try to avoid the throngs. On this particular day, I’m one of the worst of all the scurrying rats. While cursing … Continue reading

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Exploring a Medieval Moroccan world

Our eyes started watering and nose hairs singed as we slowly distanced ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the world-renowned Marrakech souks, the smell intensifying with every step. A local Moroccan boy, whom we were introduced to after speaking … Continue reading

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The importance of music – a cure for insomnia

Tossing and turning, I try my utmost to find a more comfortable position to drift off into dreamland. I come to the realisation, however, that insomnia has gotten the better of me, and not for the first time. I ponder, … Continue reading

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So you think English is easy?

If you think English is an easy language too learn you wood knot bee rite. Inn fact, their is some thing incredibly tuff about trying too rite inn Ann interesting way. Don’t get me wrong, eye find writing rewarding and … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge into the deep blue

By Gary Pearson “Take deep breaths and whatever you do, don’t panic.” Scuba diving instructor Sinan Halaçoğlu conveyed the imperative message prior to my first plunge into the deep blue. “If you panic you are done,” the veteran diver reiterated, … Continue reading

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A different way to look at the Thames

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Let your mind do the travelling if your body can’t

By Gary Pearson Driving past Heathrow every day, as a travel addict, has its perks and pitfalls. Looking up to see the immense body of an Emirates A380 gliding majestically through the sky, my mind wanders to a place far flung. … Continue reading

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Vietnam – a cultural wonderland

I had this preconceived notion, having just spent a week in Bangkok, of what awaited as I made my final descent into Vietnam, Thailand’s more regimented and orderly neighbour. My presumptions, I thought as we queued for hours to get … Continue reading

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London’s pigeon problem

By Gary Pearson Pigeons, the dirty vermin that they are, have unquestionably and irrefutably become too comfortable in their surroundings, or more to the point, our surroundings. I express my escalating discord not purely because, regrettably, I once was open-wing slapped … Continue reading

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A sunset to behold on London’s Thames

By Gary Pearson Ambling slowly to the bank of London’s Thames at dusk, I become evermore appreciative of my surroundings, cognoscente of the fact that it’s not necessary to gallivant across the globe to enjoy a rewarding travel experience. I used to … Continue reading

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