Top ways to promote your online content and most common SEO mistakes


SEO and content marketing go together like fish and chips. They thrive as part of a dynamic team, working in symbiotic way.

A proficient content marketing strategy can only be executed properly in conjunction with a sound SEO approach. SEO and content marketing are not independent of each other and must overlap and coalesce in harmony for optimal effectiveness.

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Top 12 ways to promote your content online

Always using a layered, multi-pronged attack, I’ve utilized the below promotional methods:

1. One of my favourite promotional techniques is to write an additional piece of closely related content, embedding a link with an optimized keyword cluster directing readers to the original piece, and contributed it to a highly renowned, authoritative site within the greater industry. It’s often referred to as guest posting.

2. When applicable, adding a strong influencer’s quote works well, particularly if that influencer is amenable to sharing your content on their social media channels.

3. Partnering with media outlets who have a robust social media presence in a similar niche, I create skill-testing social media competitions, utilizing their social clout to bolster exposure.

4. Create a supplementary video to augment exposure, utilizing it on all social channels. The video should be related, while differing slightly from the written piece. That way you’ll appeal to a wider demographic.

4. Paid social media advertising on all applicable platforms, focussing on concerted, targeted Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns.

5. Develop a social media content dissemination strategy, driving promotion through as many social channels as possible. Historically, bespoke hashtag campaigns on Twitter have proven fruitful.

6. A long-term strategy includes consistently engaging with related communities and forums like Quora and Reddit.

7. If applicable, I email all sources used in the content, giving them an opportunity to read, share and promote it. This method is particularly cost effective.

8. Find previously published content of a similar nature, contact the writer and ask their thoughts. They might share your content. If nothing else, they will engage with you as it’s a topic of shared expertise.

9. Go through older, popular content you’ve published and, if possible, add a blurb about the new piece of content, inserting the corresponding link accompanied by an optimized set of keywords.

10. Depending on the project, StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Service can expose your content to a vast demographic. I use this method if the content needs an immediate surge of new readers.

11. I’ve also used traditional methods like press releases and building relationships with paid media outlets.

12. Search Engine Marketing, or Paid Search, can also help increase exposure, though it can be time consuming and, depending on your budget, costly.

Most common SEO mistakes

I consistently come across flagship content that is over optimized for focus keywords and anchor text.

I’ve had bundles of experience with content whose keywords are chosen because of their high search volume.

However, the chosen keyword is too competitive, making the chance of ranking nearly impossible. Oftentimes it’s better to choose a less competitive niche keyword, thereby exponentially increasing your chances of ranking. This technique usually facilitates better conversion rates.

Another mistake is to neglect the importance of title tags and meta descriptions. This is your chance to entice readers and draw them in by showcasing your content’s uniqueness.

Some unversed, inexperienced SEO practitioners also make these familiar mistakes: using the same anchor text for every link, attempting to use black hat SEO techniques and focussing on obtaining an abundance of average links rather than a few excellent ones, along with falling short on creating link-worthy content.

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