Wingman match day 23 Premier League predictions: Premier League recap


After a brief holiday hiatus, the Wingman is back with his December Premier League recap along with a prediction for this week’s top flight matches.

December in retrsopect

He hits on many of the main talking points from December while also focussing on the best pick of the week for match day 23. Mark Hughes joined the litany of other managers – Paul Clement, Ronald Koeman, Slaven Bilic, Frank De Boer – who have been given the cold shoulder by their clubs this season.

In other news, Manchester City actually dropped points, to Crystal Palace of all teams. While there is little doubt as to where the Premier League title will end up at season’s end, it’s nice to see the indomitable Manchester side aren’t completely unflappable.

Oh, and Jose Mourinho, like a severely wounded cat, is still whining, this time saying Manchester United need to spend more money to win their first Premier League title since 2013.  Mourinho has splurged £300 million since arriving at Old Trafford, underpinning how unwarranted his outrageous claim is.

He’ll get absolutely no sympathy from me.

We’ve become more accustomed to watching Harry Kane’s celebration than watching Donald Trump make up words, and that’s saying something. Kane is the hottest property in world football, touted to be worth about £300 million on the transfer market.

Only a few teams –  Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG – have the financial clout to afford that kind of astronomical sum.

Premier League prediction of the week

Swansea travel to Newcastle with the Welsh outfit hoping to get back to winning ways. The odds are stacked against them, though, with Newcastle pegged as sizeable favourites in the build up to the match. Take a look at what the Wingman thinks and place your bets accordingly.


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