Arsenal may have inadvertently done Tottenham a favour as Spurs target Kondogbia


Ordinarily, I care less about Francis Coquelin and any related Arsenal transfer news than I do about impressionist dance. 

And I didn’t even know impressionist dance was an actual dance until recently. Don’t even think about asking how I heard about the unorthodox, mystifying art form. The point is, Coquelin’s impending move to Valencia, regardless of how unintended, could actually benefited Spurs.

How you ask?

Adding the feisty – and, in my opinion, highly overrated French defensive midfielder – to their squad, Valencia now have enough strength, guile and cover in midfield to relinquish their tight grip on Geoffrey Kondogbia.

Is Kondogbia worth the hype?

Why should we care about Kondogbia?

Because he’s rumoured as a Spurs transfer target, a possible replacement for the aging and intermittently ailing Mousa Dembele. Mind you, nobody can truly replace Dembele, but acquiring the services of a strong, mobile defensive midfielder like Kondogbia would a great start.

While many people compare the 24-year-old Frenchman to Dembele, I see more of a likeness to Victor Wanyama, who made his return to Tottenham’s lineup against Wimbledon in the FA Cup last weekend.

Although his proficient dribbling ability is definitely more Dembele-esque. The tower of midfield power is on loan from Inter Milan, which could slightly compliment a possible transfer; I’ll let Spurs top brass solve that minor issue.

According to Who Scored, Kondogbia’s only discernible blemish in an otherwise flawless CV is his ill-tempered discipline. But other than a few minor indiscretions, there’s no other red herrings when it comes to the Frenchman’s disciplinary record; he is a saint compared to Serge Aurier.

You won’t catch me thanking Arsenal for their unintended good deed, but I will offer my appreciation to Valencia and Inter Milan if they’re able to work out a way to see it through and send Kondogbia to North London.

(This piece originally featured on Tottenham HQ. Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

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