Match Day 16 Premier League Predictions: Wingman’s Perplexing Play of the Week


The Wingman is on a roll, as he lets loose on West Ham, lambasting the Premier League side for their latest managerial appointment.

David Moyes, the Wingman asserts, is going to drive the Hammers straight off the Premier League cliff. Or very close to it!

Moyes is still looking for his first Premier League victory as West Ham manager. This will most likely be the dour Scotsman’s last chance at a Premier League management job, and rightly so.

The Wingman believes Tottenham will get back to winning ways against Stoke this weekend. They haven’t won a league match in four and should rebound at Wembley.

In the surprise pick of the week, the Wingman goes with a draw in the Merseyside Derby. Everton are massive underdogs, but have played inspired football since Sam Allardyce arrived on the scene. He is known for inspiring struggling teams, while keeping an organized and disciplined defence. Everton will travel to Anfield and pull off a shocking result, walking away from Anfield with a share of the spoils.

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(Script and character idea creation by Newagejourno. Video production and editing by LTD EDN Productions.)

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