The importance of music – a cure for insomnia

Tossing and turning, I try my utmost to find a more comfortable position to drift off into dreamland. I come to the realisation, however, that insomnia has gotten the better of me, and not for the first time.

I ponder, as I stare wide-eyed into the dark abyss, about what could aid in my sleepless plight. One of my favourite songs, Coldplay’s Fix You, was that day engrained in my mind and it started playing pinging around in my brain once more. Dawning on me like a previously faded memory, I figured music might hold the key to ending my sleepless woes.

After listening to a few soothing and melodic Coldplay tunes, I fell asleep faster than a well-fed koala.

About a decade has since passed and I still listen, when insomnia comes calling, to that particular Coldplay album.

I listen to various types of music in an array of circumstances. Sometimes I use music to help me focus and, on other occasions, I listen to a tune to get pumped up in preparation for an important football match. But whatever the reason, music plays an integral role in my life.

Challenges musicians face in a social world

Musicians are presented with their fair share of challenges, especially in the ever-changing and dynamic world of social media. Visceral tweeting has the potential to cause irreparable damage to a budding career. Also, it’s easy for relatively unknown musicians to become lost amongst the masses, unable to find the delicate balance between promotion and engagement.

Competition on the public domain is so rampant that knowing how to harness its powers is one of the most crucial elements to obtaining social media success. If utilised properly, social media can springboard a musician’s career to lofty heights.


About newagejourno

Gary Pearson is a public relations and social media manager, freelance writer, former sports reporter for the Prince Albert Herald, sports aficionado, philomath and thirsty traveller forever in search of new adventures.
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