Football, a misunderstood sport

Most North Americans, Australians and those of other first-world nationalities jump and dive to conclusions that football – soccer – is a sport played by ‘pussies’.

This assertion is fraught with judgement and often made by close minded individuals that don’t understand the first thing about the sport’s inner workings.

The most popular global sport has that irrefutable tag due to its playability and cheapness. Grab a ball – or something that resembles a circular object – and off you go. Those that have grown up in destitute, impoverished conditions are afforded little choice.

To dub a Somalian, Venezuelan, Colombian, Egyptian, Liberian, or any nationality of the like a pussy for playing football is bigoted, insulting and ludicrous.

There is no arguing the fact that players dive around feigning injury ad nauseam, an issue governing bodies like FIFA, UEFA and the FA need to address. Players don’t dive around like Michael Phelps because they are ‘pussies’, but do so to gain an advantage.

It is more an endemic cultural problem than it is a whimsical lack of manliness. Often those who have grown up with cultures beset by poverty or adverse social circumstance will commit the Fosbury flop to ‘benefit’ the team no matter the criticism the fall will provoke.

And to call a player that have seen, experienced and grown up during civil war a ‘pussy’ is preposterous, which reflects their own inability to see past the mirror in comfortable, lavish dwellings they reside.

For those that think football is a non-contact sport, you have obviously never played at a competitive level. Admittedly, when it comes to physicality, the sport isn’t even on the same planet as rugby or hockey, but calling it a non-compact sport further exemplifies a bystanders’ lack of footballing knowledge.

Diving must be stamped out, not to change the view of people who will never understand why football is called the beautiful game, but to salvage the sport’s diminishing credibility.


About newagejourno

Gary Pearson is a public relations and social media manager, freelance writer, former sports reporter for the Prince Albert Herald, sports aficionado, philomath and thirsty traveller forever in search of new adventures.
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