Anyone fancy a toe wrestle?

One, two, three, four I declare a toe-wrestling war.

Unsurprisingly this peculiar activity – sorry, but it is not a sport for those who think otherwise – is said to have started in a Derbyshire pub during the mid 1970’s.

It has gained popularity across the UK and is now considered, in small pockets, to be a competitive ‘sport’. There are in fact world championships for this bizarre activity, which are held at the Bentley Brook Inn in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

However one should not make light of an activity whose competitors stick out like a sore toe. If you do deride these ‘athletes,’ do so at your own risk as reigning world champion Alan ‘feisty’ Nash may – while bare footed – track you down and force you into one of his world-renowned toe locks.

I suppose it makes sense for pubs to host such an event as participants’ hands are free, enabling them to sip on a refreshing lager while their toes interlock in preparation for an all-out foot war.

Toe wrestling is not devoid of sportsmanship. It is common courtesy to take your opponents socks off before the dogged tussle. I hope competitors aren’t superstitious, as certain socks could get mighty pungent.

Members of the World Toe-Wrestling Organization, in an outlandish attempt, applied to have the activity inducted into the Olympic Games.

Can you guess if they made any toe-way?

If you are interested in attending next year’s championship, the grandiose event takes place on Sunday, July 14 in Ashbourne, England. The date, however, has not been set in stone.

Bring clean socks.


About newagejourno

Gary Pearson is a public relations and social media manager, freelance writer, former sports reporter for the Prince Albert Herald, sports aficionado, philomath and thirsty traveller forever in search of new adventures.
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